I would like adoc to be a linkable app, meaning have an API and UI for linking. See that page for benefits of linkability. This is also discussed in the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking which was co-originated by Frank Blome. See also its rationale page.
In a nutshell it would allow adoc users to use generic and special purpose tools to create links to/from adoc documents, which in turn would make it easy to access adoc documents from outside and within adoc.
Implementation wise, an app can be made linkable by providing AppleScript, x-callback-url or other means.
basically we need automation for:
Copy Link
( get the name and the URL of the current document). The URL scheme can be file:// or your own custom scheme.
"new item". Takes a title as input variable, and you return
boolean (success/failure), and
the URL of the new item
details on that page.
Most writing apps on the Mac are linkable. Compare this (incomplete) list of Link-friendly Mac Apps (hookproductivity.com).
As disclosure, I'm co-founder of CogSci Apps Corp., the 🇨🇦 developer of Hookmark app, which helps users bookmark and connect data from linkable apps.